Physiotherapie Horber

Ruth Horber

D4A_9822Qualified physiotherapist

I am a professional physiotherapist with over 20 years experience in treating and rehabilitating patients with both conventional and alternative physiotherapy. I continually undertake further training in relevant areas. It is of particular importance to me, that I offer an individual physiotherapy to every patient.


  • Manual therapy
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Triggerpoint therapy
  • McKenzie (slipped disc)
  • Acupuncture massage
  • various massages and relaxation techniques
  • Temporomandibular disorders, spiraldynamik, energetic osteopathy

In addition I arrange individual gymnastic programs, carry out ergonomic assessments at the workplace. I am very willing to undertake home treatments for immobile patients.


  • Acute and chronic musculo-skeletal complaints
  • Rehabilitation after accidents and operations
  • Therapy of degeneration and dysbalance disorders
  • Energy flow impairment
  • Psychosomatic illnesses
  • Skeletal instability


  • Covered by the health insurance or accident insurance when prescribed by a doctor
  • Covered by an additional health insurance without a doctor`s prescription (EMR recognised)
  • Private (CHF 120 / hour). If you are unable to attend, please notify us 24h in advance, otherwise the treatment will be billed

About me

  • Born in 1973, married with two children
  • Languages: german, english and french
  • 21 years of experience in physiotherapy
  • professional experience in various hospitals and physio practices in orthopaedic, surgical, neurological and geriatric departments
  • private practice at Bäckerstrasse 40 since 2009

In November 2015 my colleague Lena Stöcker joined the team.


Bäckerstrasse 40
8004 Zürich

Ruth Horber
Telefon: 078 826 40 10

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