Lena Stöcker



As a physiotherapist i have over 11 years work experience in the fields of Paediatry, Neurology and Orthopaedy.
My area of expertise is the treatment of children and adults with congenital or acquired damage of the neuralsystem or injury to the musculo skeletal system.
I give particular attention to an individual treatment. I possess an additional qualification in Craniosacral Therapy. To widen my knowledge, I am currently undertaking an education in Osteopathy.


Mobilisation of the Fascial System
Manual Therapy
Mobilisation of the Nervous System
Craniosacral Therapy
Neurodevelopmental Treatment (Bobath Therapy) for infants, childs and adults


Physiotherapie Horber
Bäckerstrasse 40
8004 Zürich

079 828 48 37